What to Expect

What is the service like?
At St Paul, we have two different types of service formats.  On the first and third Sundays the hymns and the order of service are both taken from the Lutheran Service Book.  On the second and fourth Sundays the order of service still follows the Lutheran Service Book, however, the hymns are more contemporary in style and the singing is lead by members of our Praise Team.  As a congregation we celebrate the Divine Service (service with Holy Communion) every Sunday.  The exception to this is if there is a fifth Sunday in the month then that would be a non-communion Sunday.  We also hold special Wednesday evening services during the seasons of Lent and Advent.

How do people dress?
The dress code ranges from casual to Sunday best.

How many people are there?
Attendance varies between times of the year, but on average St Paul has 80 and 100 people in worship every weekend, and we often have visitors. 

What about my kids?
Children of all ages are welcomed at every service.  Year round Sunday school for children age three to seventh grade meets 9:00 a.m.  Children are encouraged to sit with parents during worship.  There are Bible centered activity bags available and more helpful ideas on how to incorporate children into worship can be found HERE.

Can I take communion?
Visitors to our congregation who desire to receive the Sacrament are asked to please speak with the Pastor before service.  Our congregation, along with the majority of Christian denominations (Catholic, Orthodox, etc.) practices closed Communion.  Visitors are welcome to approach the altar to receive a blessing during Communion.  All members of our congregation have been through some form of instruction (either as adults or children) before participating in this Sacrament.  Confirmation classes for children begin at 6th grade and students who complete this course of study have their first communion in 7th grade.  Adult instruction classes are held at various times of the year.  Please speak to the Pastor if you would like to become a member of St Paul and receive Holy Communion.

How can I get connected?
Before leaving, visitors are encouraged to sign our Guest register located at the front entrance. Those interested in learning more about St Paul Lutheran Church can indicate that on the form. Members stay connected with the happenings at St Paul through weekly bulletin notices, monthly newsletters, and emails.

What's the music like?
On the first and third Sundays worship is accompanied by the majestic tones of a pipe organ, we sing an opening hymn, a sermon hymn and a closing hymn from the Lutheran Service Book.  On the second and fourth Sundays the hymns are more contemporary and are more modern in style.  Singing on these Sundays is led by the members of our Praise Team.  Music on the second and fourth Sundays is usually accompanied by a piano and/or a guitar.  We sing additional hymns during the distribution of Holy Communion on all Sundays.  Special music from both children and adult choirs and handbells are also used.

Where do I park?
Parking is on the gravel part of the road on the north and west side of the church along Church and Vine Streets.